About Us

Its been about 20+ years since its Inception. Here is short snippet About Us!


Year 2003

We at Astitva believe in "Friendship for the deprived for Social Change!". In 2003, a group of young people, spearheaded by Late Santosh Wagh, fully active in various activities in their own villages or some organisations dedicated their life for rural group come together and started Astitva Pratishthan.



Astitva means Existence! Astitva believes in "Education is Life and Life is Education!" Its members are passionately inspired for joyful, life oriented education.



Every year thousands of people from nomadic tribe migrate all over Maharashtra. They cannot stay at one place for more than 8-10 days. So the problem for basic needs, education is unattended. In 2003, Astitva started a school for these children. Most of them were first generation attending the school. Soon they realized children with single parents / no parents had no support from community and they lacked education too. Astitva started the residential school for these children, which is known as "GURUKUL".


ASTITVA and Self Sustenance

We believe in self sustenance as an organization, also for children staying here. We want them to discover ways to earn their livelihood post education. Hence, we focus on the vocational training for children, including seminars, scheduling workshops, providing on field training in areas of farming, cooking, gardening, physical training etc. Along with this, ASTITVA focuses of Self Help Group monitoring, awareness of health and hygiene. We plan to start Diploma in Basic Rural Technology which will allow to people to explore areas of Engineering, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Energy and Environment, Home and Health. Rotary Club Pune Gandhibhavan donated some machinery i.e. machine for Paper plates and bowls, Machines for Jute bags, Cloth and Leather bags, computers etc. With h elp of the Rotary club Astitva build vocational training hall which will help for training.


Extra Curricular

Volunteers are working for the Children's all round development. Library, Computers, Sports are in daily routine. Children are getting karate, music as well as vocational training for their personality development. Volunteers are working for their "Existence." Kids are getting education in the Gurukul from class 1st to 6th. From 7th to 10th children are enrolled in nearby village schools.


75+ and Counting!

Currently Astitva Pratishthan's Campus at Village Veer near Saswad, Pune caters to about 75+ children from the under privileged families. The age group varies from 6years to 16 years, both girls and boys.



The Astitva Campus is spread over 3 acres of land and it has following Infrastructure:
Dormitory Rooms for kids: 3 nos.
Bunk Beds: 40 nos.
Toilets: 4 nos.
Bathrooms: 4 nos.
Classrooms: 5 nos.


Staff @ Campus

To take care of the Children we have 3 Social Workers who have done MSW from reputed institutes.
2 Maids who cook food for the kids.
1 Security Person.
The Children are responsible for washing their cloths, dishes and maintaining cleaniniess and hygine at the Campus



As an organization we have planned and are working on few of the following projects:
1. Horticulture and nursery for plants.
2. Cloth and Leather Bags production.
3. Jute bags production / Onion bags.
4. Agro Information Centre.
5. Strengthening of Self Help Group.
6. Vocational Training Centre


Donate Now for the noble cause and Support the Children's Astitva!

  • Astitva Gurukul, At Post Veer, Tal. Purandhar, Dist. Pune 412312
  • Geetanjali Degaonkar, Mobile: 9657796608
  • geet.astitva@gmail.com
  • Pallavi Wagh, Mobile: 8767711428